NRB’s people have considerable expertise and success in the area of Strategic Land Use Planning and Masterplanning on behalf of a variety of private and public sector clients. This work ranges from the development of regional spatial strategies to the identification and development of large sites, mainly based around residential or mixed use schemes.

It is fundamental to understand the transportation issues and opportunities presented from the outset in order to identify the unique benefits and potential that any such scheme or strategies can promote. This is an area of expertise which our clients have enjoyed when NRB staff have been involved with the project or study, especially from the conception and feasibility stage.

We offer clients a transportation consultancy that not only looks at the technical details, but is willing to take a step back to consider the larger, strategic, picture to present the appropriate scheme solution. This insight is maintained, questioned and supported as part of the process which leads to supporting evidence on behalf of the client. This may include the identification of how and where people travel to work using census data. Our understanding and interpretation of historical journey to work patterns assist in the development of regional spatial strategies to support the economic growth of a region in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner. This work can also support the development of sustainable transport strategies for large residential or mixed use sites where transport will always be a key issue.

Such strategic promotion ranges from initial masterplanning to Local Development Frameworks or Regional Spatial Strategy promotions, often including advice on the competing sites presented. This is an area of work in which it is essential for the project team to find a unique selling point, which, with regard to transportation, could be access by private vehicle, public transport, walking or cycling.

NRB provide a comprehensive case for negotiation, which may include a public inquiry. On occasions, the company has successfully promoted a client site against the preferred site. This success can only be achieved with a full understanding of the issues in light of both current and emerging national, regional and local policies.

Our staff’s masterplanning work has involved the development of sustainable transport strategies for the transformation and development of specific sites, and on a wider scale, for towns and city centres.

Often, the implementation of any emerging transport measures and initiatives is continued through to the detailed design stage where NRB has the capabilities and expertise in the engineering design and implementation of public realm schemes.

Key Services

  • Land Use & Transportation Studies
  • Transportation Assessment Reports
  • Network assessment
  • Bus priority design
  • Pedestrian & cycle facilities
  • Travel Time Isochrones
  • Microsimulation
  • Mobility Management/Travel Plan Design & Implementation
  • Public Presentation
  • Road Safety Audits
  • Accessibility Audits