NRB Consulting Engineers provide clients with innovative Microsimulation, for complex intersection modelling, public transport priority schemes, motorway, major road networks, and traffic management.

Microsimulation is a powerful software tool for visually analysing and demonstrating different strategies for traffic schemes in a clear and easily understood format during their development. It is also used for network wide impact assessments of a scheme.

It incorporates Ordnance Survey and aerial photography to allow real time modeling of both existing networks and proposals in both two and three dimensions.

Combining this technology with our knowledge of traffic engineering, clients and local authorities can see the effectiveness of proposed schemes and allows this to be demonstrated to the public.

Complex networks, particularly in congested urban areas, can often only be realistically modelled using this technique. The use of Microsimulation allows the modelling of ‘what if’ scenarios, to compare the effect on the network of introducing alternative junctions, priorities, roundabouts, traffic signals, or differing methods of control, including VA, MOVA or Fixed Time UTC. This means that the client and the local authority can identify and decide upon the best option.

As well as producing conventional results, bespoke models can be produced for individual projects, or users’ needs.

Key Services

  • Transport Assessment
  • Network Modelling
  • LUTS Studies
  • Multi-modal trip analysis
  • Public Presentation
  • Design Option Testing