NRB Consulting Engineers provide experienced and independent road safety audit teams to undertake audits in accordance with the current guidance, Design Manual (DMRB) standard HD 19 for Ireland.

With local authorities now requiring safety audits for all development-led road improvement schemes, and not just those on a National Road, prior to granting planning consent, clients potentially face unacceptable project delays.

With our understanding of the process we eliminate unnecessary delays, while providing the first class audit expected of a highly experienced team.

NRB guides design teams through the audit process, helping them to understand the commercial impacts of any road safety issue. Our team has audited a wide range of road improvement schemes for private developers and Local Authorities and we have provided high quality audits on a timescale that meets the needs of the client.

The company’s auditors work on a wide range of projects throughout the UK and Ireland including major roads, local road improvements, traffic management schemes and developer-led schemes such as new access proposals.

Road safety audits ensure that operational road safety is applied during the design and construction process to mitigate the potential of any future accidents.

Safety Audits are mandatory for all national road and motorway improvement schemes. They are recommended as good practice on local roads and are generally required whenever there is an alteration to a public road or junction with a public road.

NRB’s expertise in Road Safety Engineering provides an invaluable means of reducing the occurrence and severity of accidents on the road network for all users, in line with the targets set out in Ireland’s Road Safety Strategy 2007-2012.

NRB can call on an experienced team of Road Safety Engineers who have undertaken Road Safety Audits, Accident Investigation and Prevention Studies (AiP) and Collision Monitoring for the public and private sectors throughout Ireland.