Planning Applications, Development Control Officers & Good Design require the preparation of Access Sightline and Forward Stopping Distance Drawings.


Frequently, the strict & correct interpretation of these Design Guidance Documents, and the ability to achieve a sightline within 1st party property, has a significant impact on the potential for a development getting planning permission and moreover operating successfully and safely.


Access and sightlines need to be designed and checked by qualified professionals.  NRB work with design teams and clients to prepare accurate sightline drawings and forward stopping distance drawings which are used to support development.  A sightline is the most fundamental aspect in Development Transport Planning.  Sightline is frequently overlooked and misinterpreted, but inadequate sightline is inevitably noticed during planning or operational stages (with resulting delay and legal issues arising in the event of an accident).  Onerous Sightline requirements can also often be reduced through undertaking a supporting background traffic radar speed survey, which can reduce the sightline requirement. This is another service we provide.