The increasing use of vehicles bring problems which NRB solve for clients by drawing upon its experience in the management and control of road space and its range of traffic engineering solutions.

NRB are highly experienced in producing creative but practical roads solutions that balance often-competing demands in sometimes complex urban environments. Each and every new development results in additional vehicle borne trips to and from the development which places additional traffic onto an existing road network.

In order to adequately determine the traffic impact or to assess the capacity requirements of a network we must carry out a Traffic & Transport Assessment (TTA), Transport Assessment (TA), Transport Statement (TS) or transport or infrastructure chapter of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). These reports will generally follow a format with contents specified within national guidelines, which may be adapted as necessary, and agreed in advance, with the Local Authorities.

NRB have extensive experience in preparing Traffic & Transport Assessments, Transport Assessments, Transport Statements and transport chapters of Environmental Impact Statements, for a wide range of developments. We can assist by:

  • liaising with the relevant Planning and Roads Authorities on the traffic and transport elements of a proposed development from the pre-planning stage,
  • scoping and preparing a Traffic & Transport Assessment, Transport Assessment, Transport Statement or transport chapter of an Environmental Impact Statement as part of a Planning Application, whether at:
    • pre-planning,
    • following a Request for Further Information,
    • to support/or following a planning appeal.
  • providing advice or assistance to ensure developments meet Local and National standards,
  • providing advice to ensure that the site meets road safety requirements including undertaking Road Safety Audits (RSA) if required,
  • providing advice or developing sustainable transport measures for a site including preparing Mobility Management Plans or Workplace Travel Plans.

NRB’s advice has proven invaluable to local authorities and developers when considering possible traffic/road schemes. This advice is backed up by our modelled strategies for traffic management in towns and cities throughout Ireland utilising complex traffic simulation models and micro-simulation.

NRB provide an innovative no-nonsense approach to traffic engineering. Our detailed traffic engineering advice, ranging from data collection methods to analysis techniques and assessments (using the full suite of traffic assessment programs – including TRICS, ARCADY, PICADY, LINSIG, S-Paramics, AutoTRACK, AutoCAD Civil 3d and Saturn.

NRB works closely with clients to develop road schemes that meet the expectations of all parties and consider the needs of all road users, including pedestrians, cyclists, people with mobility impairments/disabilities and public transport users.

Using the latest techniques and innovative designs, we make the maximum use of road space, designing schemes that deliver benefits quickly and on budget.

NRB’s understanding of Local Authority procedures and a detailed knowledge of the road construction industry ensure the highest standard of project delivery at all stages.

Key Services:

  • Roundabout Design & Assessment
  • Priority Junction Design & Assessment
  • Traffic signal design and implementation
  • Traffic & Transport Assessment Reports
  • Transportation Assessment Reports
  • Traffic Statement Reports
  • Traffic/Transportation chapters for EIS’s
  • MOVA, SCOOT and SCATS design and implementation
  • Network assessment
  • Bus priority design
  • Pedestrian & cycle facilities
  • Micro-simulation
  • Mobility Management/Travel Plan Design & Implementation
  • Public Presentation
  • Multi-Modal Trip Analysis
  • Road Safety Audits
  • Accessibility Audits

If you wish to discuss your requirements or require a formal quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call us on +353 1 292 1941.